SEC Services

BMKR LLP is one of 598 public accounting firms in the country, registered on October 22, 2003 with the Public Companies Accounting Oversight Board. (PCAOB)

We are also members of the AICPA SEC Practice Section, and New York State Society of CPAs. In connection with ongoing membership in these organizations, we are peer reviewed and found to be in full compliance.

We are proud to offer the following services to our SEC reporting clients:

Accounting and Auditing Annual

Attest report (audit) on the year end financial statement prepared by management. In compliance with AICPA standards and regulations required by Sarbanes Oxley Act, including management attestation of internal controls. The annual engagement includes reviewing all 10K filings required as well as communicating with audit committees on the results of our audit.


Independent review of quarterly results in connection with required 10Q filings.

Non-Audit Services

Pursuant to Sarbanes Oxley, tax services must be approved by the audit committee. If selected we will prepare all necessary federal and state returns required, including all parent-subsidiary consolidation. We can provide internal auditing services or help you manage the external audit process. For our non-audit clients, BMKR can be more directly involved in tax planning in connection with all ongoing tax issues.


We also offer a variety of consulting services for our SEC reporting clients that we are not the auditor of record.

In connection with the various accounting scandals of the past few years, the Congress through the PCAOB has limited the services that the auditor of an SEC reporting company can render. At the same time the Sarbanes Oxley Act has put new conditions and rules on management of a company to ensure that all financial information disseminated to the public is accurate and true.

One of the first standards to come from the PCAOB is management assessment of internal controls. Generally companies must begin complying with this standard for fiscal years ending after June 15, 2004. In order for management to assess internal controls, management must document and test all internal controls of the company. We can help design a system of control. If you already have a system of internal controls, we can test these systems on a quarterly basis to insure compliance. This is attractive to smaller reporting clients unable to afford an internal audit department.

BMKR LLP has extensive experience in consulting on merger and acquisition transactions. If you are contemplating a merger or acquisition we can help in negotiating the best strategy, including all tax considerations. We have been involved with strategic purchases, as well as reverse shell mergers.